Product Liability Regulations in Turkey

From time to time, we are collaborating with prominent databases providing free access to legal guides and business reports based on territory and areas of scope. As a part of this initiative, Akin Legal has contributed in the Turkey Chapter of Product Liability Regulations study of ICLG. You can find the full text of our…


Turkey keeps its automotive technical regulations aligned with Europe

What happened On May 14th, 2020, the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology has published on the Official Gazette the replica of the European Regulation No (EU) 2019/2144 on Type-Approval Requirements for Motor Vehicles and Their Trailers, and Systems, Components and Separate Technical Units Intended for such Vehicles, as regards Their General Safety and the…


New Market Survelliance Regulation of the Ministry of Trade

Following the enactment of Law No. 7223 on Product Safety and Technical Regulations (new law) on March 12th, 2020[1], the Ministry of Trade today renewed the Market Surveillance and Inspection Regulation (the “New Regulation”). The New Regulation replaces the past Market Surveillance and Inspection Regulation of the Ministry of Customs and Trade (the “Old Regulation”)[2]. The…


Law No. 7223: New Product Safety Legislation

With all the -proper and never enough – discussions and attention on the Corona pandemic, one should not miss out the significant change in the product safety legislation in Turkey. Beginning of this March, on March 5th 2020, the Turkish Parliament has adopted a new law, namely Law No. 7223 on Product Safety and Technical…