We provide pragmatic and tailor-made legal solutions. We believe in competency and focus on selected areas of law and sectors.

We understand our clients require hands-on, pragmatic yet integral solutions rather than general templates.

We strive to deliver result-oriented guidance on a more-for-less basis and provide effective solutions fitting into business strategies.

We aim for swift and cost-efficient results, we are aware an expensive or late solution is not a solution.

We believe zero risk is only possible with a no-go attitude and we reject it. We identify ourselves as a risk reducer, equipping our clients with necessary tools.

We provide our services with end to end personal assistance, we do not fall into a chain of reporting.

We believe success is a path rather than a result and can be achieved on the basis of teamwork, based on diversity, trust and respect.

We do not sacrifice ethical values and principles in the service of making a profit. Integrity is a basis for all our transactions. We reject short term gains and adhere to ethical conduct for a sustainable and healthy business environment.

Our responsibility goes beyond our clients – we pledge ourselves to do no harm to the community and nature, but to benefit. We accept responsibility to and for our planet.

With our offices both in Istanbul and Ankara, we work closely with a network of international law firms worldwide.